Through local design, art, cultural and culinary collaborations, Soma offers an experience that resonates with your inner explorer and an appreciation for travel that nurtures the mind and spirit.

01District 8

District Eight is a furniture brand established in 2010 amidst the bustling streets of Sai Gon, Viêt Nam. The name refers to one of the city’s 24 districts, in the heart of which the first humble factory and office was set up. District Eight design and crafts products that tell a story unique to Viêt Nam’s rich culture and heritage, with a confident take on contemporary living and an understanding of modern elegance.


02Gallery Medium

Gallery Medium is a multi-faceted contemporary art gallery that merges art, design, and interiors. In addition to having an online platform, Gallery Medium develops concepts, curates, and hosts exhibitions, private views, and events, selling art in a carefully curated environment. Our aim is to dissolve the boundaries between home living and conceptual artistry, and to transform and inspire the way individuals experience and purchase art.



Ploh is a niche, luxury goods brand centered around developing exceptional “high touch” elements of the luxury guest experience. Since 2002, Ploh has focused on doing only a few things, and doing them very, very well – premium down bedding, high thread count bedlinens, along with plush robes, toweling and slippers. Delighting individuals with quality, craftsmanship, and little details are all part of Ploh’s celebration of an elevated sleep experience. The company works with global hospitality partners, top designers and owners to create luxuriously inviting bedscapes® and to deliver a memorable sleep and bath experience for their discerning guests.

Welcome to Ploh.



Born & bred in San Francisco, Nixon started his floral journey at the age of 16 & have been embracing this art form for 20+ years now. He is a member of Sogetsu Ikebana (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan) & is 2nd Grade Jonin Sanyo. Nixon started WhenStill during the pandemic as a way to express himself & connect with like-minded souls. His unique use of local materials & designs quickly captured a large audience, so this 2023 Nixon decided to open his Ikebana classes - Whenstillworkshop - a place for people to explore their own floral journeys.

Share, Grow & Heal with WhenStill


05Gom Sai Gon

Gom Sai Gon, or Saigon Pottery, is a renowned Vietnamese brand celebrated for its exquisite ceramic pieces blending traditional techniques with modern designs. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, it has gained global recognition for high-quality craftsmanship and cultural innovation, offering a diverse range of elegant ceramics that fuse Vietnam's heritage with contemporary style, captivating art aficionados worldwide.



Thann is a luxury skincare and lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of products infused with botanical ingredients and essential oils. From skincare to hair care, home fragrances, and wellness products, Thann places a strong emphasis on natural formulations and sustainability. Their products are crafted to provide a holistic approach to beauty and well-being, promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. With a commitment to environmental responsibility and ethical practices, Thann's offerings embody a balance of nature and modern luxury, catering to individuals who seek high-quality and eco-conscious products for their daily self-care routines.